Frigg for a sustainable future


08/26/2022 – Initiate Countdown

Fear Of Missing Frigg (FOMF)

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08/31/2022 – Explainer Release

Introducing the Frigg Universe

Tune in for our new explainer video.


09/30/2022 – Whitepaper

Releasing the whitepaper

The industry lacks rigor. We make the case that DeFi can improve the bottlenecks of Traditional Finance (TradFi) in sustainable financing.

09/30/2022 – Go-Live Nº1

Go-live: The Frigg Universe

The Universe that empowers Frigg’s [frea:ks] to accelerate sustainable finance

09/30/2022 – Token Bond

Listing the first Token Bond

Invest in sustainable bonds with just a click! Help finance more sustainable projects around the world with no lock-up required, powered by permissionless decentralized exchanges.


10/1/2022 – “How To…” series

“How To Frigg?”

We want to onboard millions of fellow Frigg’s! That’s why we are excited to guide you on how to use blockchain technology for the greater good.


Q4 2022 – Call to Action

Join the movement

Climate change is real and we need to join forces to fight against Ragnarok. Project developers, learn more here. Investors, learn more here.

Q4 2022 – Tech Upgrade

Frigg v2: Providing full environmental transparency

Introducing a new Frigg Standard: publicly accessible data, innovative smart contract standards, and robust support for institutional investors.


Q1 2023 – Go-Live Nº2

Go-live: The Frigg Globe

Frigg is a global movement to upgrade sustainable finance. So, it’s time to show our fellow Frigg’s the global impact we have made. The Frigg Globe is a 3D virtual globe, mapping our projects and our contribution to the environment.