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The Problem

Climate change is a
financial problem

The Vision

Imagine a world without Greenwashing

The Solution

Frigg enables global impact through transparent financing

An award-winning, regulatory-compliant B2B SaaS platform that establishes direct connections between investors and sustainable projects, streamlining the documentation, credit rating, due diligence, underwriting, and securitization process to ensure the economic viability and accessibility of sustainable investments.



Green ProjectFinancing

Secure funding for Green Projects globally from professional investors and institutions in private debt and equity markets.

Streamline access to investors, enabling you to focus on bringing your projects to life efficiently.


Green ProjectInvesting

Explore top-tier Green Projects on a global scale, led by established players in the climate infrastructure space, to invest your capital wisely.

Opt for transparency in both environmental and economic impact as you invest your capital.


Green ProjectDonations

Directly contribute to Green Projects for transparent insights into the specific projects your donations support and their environmental impact.

Donate for tangible and transparent impact.

Our Achievements


1st place of the Finance & Insurance vertical
of Switzerland’s premier startup competition of 2023


One out of ten winners
of the PwC Scale Sustainable Finance Program of 2023


2nd place Green Fintech Competition
of the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) 2023 Green Fintech Competition

Julius Bär

One out of five winners
of the Julius Bär Global Web 3.0 Program of 2023

Eyvind WidthSingle Family Office and Frigg SH


Frigg stands as a truly cutting-edge and innovative company, seamlessly integrating the tokenization of real-world assets, Internet of Things, and Artificial Intelligence within a single platform.

Amer VohoraMulti Family Office and Frigg SH


The innovative combination of blockchain and sustainability, presented by Frigg, represents the most compelling approach I have seen in this area. I plan on actively finding synergies between Frigg and my portfolio of companies as a reference on how we should make an Impact.

Peer BrantzegChairman of DEPO Solutions, renewables developer


As a renewables developer, we appreciate Frigg’s expertise in financing renewable projects and their straightforward process for issuing digital securities tied to our projects. This helps us deploy infrastructure more effectively, supporting our efforts to achieve climate goals.

Anirudhh RameshVenture Partner, S2S Ventures


The team behind Frigg is one of the main reasons behind our decision to partner with them. They bring together a unique mix of field expertise in renewable energy development, banking, blockchain, and financial technology, which truly sets them apart.

Meet Our Team

Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Philip Berntsen

Sustainable infrastructure finance specialist that is passionate about how end-to-end digitalization of project development and funding can help solve the climate crisis.

Co-founder and academic council

Prof. Dr. Markus Leippold

Experienced researcher in the field of Climate Finance, Sustainability, Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, and Quantitative Finance that aims to put academic ideas into practice.

Co-founder and Chief Technical Officer (CTO)

Francesco Leonetti

Experienced full-stack IT architect obsessed with creating scalable and secure Software-as-a-Service solutions while ensuring the best customer experience.

Chief Product Officer (CPO)

Tommy Back

Experienced digital product innovator combining a broad experience spanning business, strategy, product and technology as well as go to market.

Chief Commercial Officer (CCO)

Paal Brantzeg

Paal brings extensive multinational credit and finance expertise, excelling in P&L and commercial responsibilities, with a proven track record of raising over $1bn in alternative financing for multinational clients.

Chief Investment Officer (CIO)

Sandro Schlatter

Sustainability expert with extensive experience in renewable energy investments, dedicated to achieving a CO2-neutral future through innovative and sustainable solutions.

Founders Associate

David Campbell

Sustainability strategist with experience in venture capital and business development on a mission to increase volume and trust in climate finance.

Blockchain Engineer

Olivier Winkler

Devoted full stack IT engineer with an aptitude for Web3, Blockchain, FinTech, creative Web design, and photography.

Senior Frontend Engineer

Sergio Lavanga

Senior Frontend Engineer and Interaction Designer chasing technical perfection and effortlessly crafting the user experience of the Frigg Platform.

Creative Director

Stefan Jandl

Accomplished Creative Director and Concept Engineer that drives the strategic vision and implementation of a cohesive visual universe.

Data Scientist

Oliver Carmignani

Remote sensing expert passionate for 3D hydrology modeling and end-to-end renewable energy analysis.

Academic council

Associate Prof. Dr. Manuel Renold

Associate professor at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) at the Institute of Data Analysis and Process Design (IDP) and an experienced climate scientist.

Marketing and communications

Jennifer Shirin

As a marketing and communications professional, Jennifer leverages her diverse background in finance, entrepreneurship, and crypto to drive Frigg's brand strategy and messaging.


Frigg Joins Julius Baer Global Web 3.0 Program To Transform Sustainable Finance

Frigg, an award-winning Swiss startup, announces its partnership with the Julius Baer Global Web 3.0 Program, in collaboration with Tenity. This initiative connects Julius Baer with innovative Web 3.0 startups across Europe and Asia Pacific, focused on exploring and integrating new technologies in the wealth management industry.

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Frigg Opens Up for Early Sign Ups for its Sustainable Finance Platform

Frigg, an award-winning Swiss startup, is inviting early sign-ups for its sustainable finance platform. The announcement coincides with the launch of a new website, paving the way for the platform to go live early next year. There is a tremendous gap in financing for clean energy projects, and Frigg aims to fill this gap by making it easy for infrastructure developers and investors to work together.

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The 2023 edition of the highly anticipated >>venture>> startup competition reached its thrilling conclusion on June 26, leaving participants and spectators buzzing with excitement. Entrepreneurs from a diverse range of industries embarked on an exhilarating journey, each determined to showcase their groundbreaking ideas and entrepreneurial spirit. Out of the impressive 336 applications received, only 18 exceptional startups advanced to the fiercely competitive finals.

Read more — Letter from Frigg

Frigg aims to help small-to-medium blue-chip renewable developers, carbon removal or other decarbonization asset owner/developer access financing via blockchain rails by tokenizing debt of their project SPVs. After six months of hard work, the company went live with a proof of concept in September 2022.

Read more — The first digital green bond

We are excited to announce that we are working with Mathe Winje (MW) est. 1922, a Norwegian infrastructure developer with support from Norwegian government agencies NORAD, Norec, and NORFUND. Our software enables MW to issue bonds on the Ethereum blockchain to refinance its operational hydroelectric plant, Agatobwe, in Rwanda, Africa.

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